5 tips for keeping your boat looking shiny

Wed 26 April 2017

Do you own a boat and regularly use it? If you want to make your boat look shiny and new even after using it a lot, then you can follow these tips. By following these tips, you can keep making your boat looking awesome!

1. Buff your boat often. Over time, the shininess of your boat will get duller as it is exposed to the elements. You can use a buffer and an oxidation remover to buff up the surface of your boat to make it look shiny enough. Buffing your boat also will remove any rust or grime that is particularly hard to remove. You should also buff your boat as regularly as possible. This is because if you do not buff up your boat as often as you can, grime and rust can eventually build up.

2. Use a wax that is meant for boats. You should be using a base marine wax on your boat. While a base wax is not as easy to apply as a liquid wax, it will offer more protection for your boat. So it should be your first choice of wax if you want to make your boat look shiny again. And if you really want your boat to gleam, you should apply at least 3 coats of wax, from the base to the finishing layer of wax.

3. If you are sailing your boat in saltwater, you should take care to clean all of the fiberglass parts of your boat after every trip out onto the sea. This is because saltwater, as it dries on fiberglass parts, can cause staining. To prevent this from happening, you should wash your boat's fiberglass parts with fresh water, each time that it gets by saltwater. Take the time to wash your boat after every sea trip, if you do not want it to look stained.

4. Clean the rails and metal parts of your boat as well. Do not think that just because of the fact that these chrome and stainless steel parts of your boat are rust resistant, will not mean that they will not get dirty. And when you are cleaning these metal parts of your boat, you should try to use cleaners that are specifically meant to be used for metals. This is because other kinds of cleaning chemicals may strip off the protective layer of coating of your boat.

5. Use protective paint coating for boats, if you want to provide maximum protection for your boats, and also make it look good as well. These kinds of protective paint coatings are really awesome because they provide so many safeguards to your boat, while at the same time making it look shiny and new as well. Any boat owner should be using some kind of protective paint for their boat. It would just be the smart thing to do, especially if you do not want your boat to end up looking old. So whenever you are painting your boat, be sure to purchase marine paint that has protective features.

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