Features to Consider in an Airport Parking Service

Mon 18 April 2016

If you’re planning to fly from Heathrow airport then you should definitely consider Heathrow airport parking. The reason is that it can definitely make your entire travel experience less stressful and more relaxing, which is a big plus whether you’re travelling within the UK or abroad. However, with so many parking services available, how do you know which one to choose? When comparing different companies, here are some of the most important issues to keep in mind:

1. Reasonable Rates
An airport parking service should ideally have rates that are reasonable in terms of industry standards. They might not be the lowest in the industry, but they should be reasonable in terms of the services you’re getting. Be cautious about sky-high rates that provide sub-standard service, or low rates that provide bad service as well. So besides the actual rates, look for the value you get.

In addition, be cautious about hidden fees and unclear billing statements. These are both red flags that you should probably avoid a particular company. On the other hand, if a company’s statements are detailed and clear, then it’s a sign that you should definitely consider doing business with the company. It’s a sign that the company is likely legitimate and transparent.

2. Trustworthy Companies
It’s also important to choose a company that only deals with trustworthy services. Be wary about ones that raise questions about their registration, insurance, and other issues. This could result in problems later that could involve your vehicle or your flight, which are situations you definitely want to avoid when travelling. Travelling can itself be quite stressful, so a parking service should make the process of parking your vehicle as smooth as possible, thus making your overall travel experience better.

3. Track Record
This is yet another critical issue to consider. For example, you could read reviews or testimonials about the company, in order to get an idea about the general experience past people have had dealing with the parking services company. In addition, check if the company has a relatively high rate of repeat customers. This is a sign that the company is one that likely provides good service and low rates, so customers don’t have the need to shop around when getting their car parked at the airport. There’s no need to shop around like the classic song tells us to do.

4. Customer Service
Some interesting surveys show that customers tend care more about good customer service than low prices. That’s not to say that low rates aren’t important when choosing an airport parking service. However, there are various logistical issues that can pop up when dealing with parking services, as with other airport services. This highlights the need for customer service.

However, it’s not enough for a company to have customer service. It should also be helpful and professional. Whether there’s an issue about your payment, the location of your car, or other issues, quality customer service will help to ensure that the problem is fixed quickly and effectively.

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